Susana Chalante, O discurso do Estado salazarista perante o “indesejável” (1933-1939)- Le discours de l’État salazariste faxe à « l’indesejável » (1933-1939), in Análise Social, vol. XLVI (198), 2011, 41-63

The Salazarist State rhetoric on the “unwanted” (1933-1939)

Análise Social, vol. XLVI (198), 2011, 41-63

Susana Chalante

This study examines the reaction of the Portuguese government, given the presence
of foreigners in Portugal, in a context of change in domestic and international policy,
between early 1930 and the eve of World War II.
Based on an analysis of legislation and internal circulars produced by various state
agencies, we examine the evolution of the State’s rhetoric regarding the “other”.
Gradually, beginning in 1933, Jews, Russians (associated with the spread of
communism), and stateless persons were to be identified as “invaders”, dictating the
effectiveness of internal rules restricting the entry into the country.
Keywords: Estado Novo; immigration; foreigners; Jews; Russians.

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